COVID perspective

We live in Maine.

Maine is regarded as 'safe' as we have 'only' had 121 deaths and 3838 confirmed cases of COVID-19. We have the 3rd lowest infection rate of the 50 states.

So Maine is good right?

No, those numbers are rather meaningless. What is important is the rate. A rate is a quotient. It improves the meaningfulness of the raw number by normalizing it against something else, making the number comparable to other numbers.

The infection rate for Maine is 2,890 per million people in Maine.

So how good is that?

Well, it is the 3rd lowest of the 50 states, so that is good, but, the USA has one of the worst infection rates in the world, so let's add some perspective...

The infection rate for the USA as a whole is 13,431 per million.

Big numbers are hard for us to comprehend well, so let's express that as a percentage; 1.34%

More than 1 out of every hundred people in the USA are infected.

The worldwide infection rate is 2,153 per million. That means that the world (which includes the USA cases) is, on average, doing better that Maine!

We should be under strict lockdown.

Numbers as of 2020-07-29. They only include positively identified cases.
Source of data: https://news.google.com/covid19/map?hl=en-US&gl=US&ceid=US:en