Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Brasero experiment

For some time now, (OK since 1984) I have been thinking about having hot coals drop down to be used for grilling. So today I assembled some old BBQ grids to form a Brasero - something that seems to be prevalent in Argentina. For the base of the 'basket' I removed a lot of the rungs from the stainless steel grid, leaving large gaps for coals to drop through to below.

We did an initial test... starting the fire at 6:23PM

We were soon producing small coals

I put some pork chops on at 6:50PM
and by 7:02 they were done on one side.

and fully done by 7:16PM

They tasted great, still juicy inside, with a bit of char on the outside.

The coals certainly drop through easily and it is not too difficult to rake them over to underneath the grilling grid. I have however, decided that a gravity driven chute will be much more elegant, as it can get pretty hot when pushing coals about.

We decided to make a dessert from marshmallows on a Graham Cracker base in a small cast iron pan.

The coals were still abundant at 7:44PM

but we did leave them on the fire a bit too long and the Graham Crackers got a bit burnt...

I declare it a successful experiment and I know what to do before the next test. I just wish I knew someone who can weld Stainless Steel together.